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Brief Introduction to MA Councils on Aging /Senior Centers

In most cities and towns in MA, the municipal Council on Aging (COA) acts as an advisory board (and, ideally, as an effective partner) to help the paid staff and other volunteers implement programs, services and activities in accordance with the mission of the COA.

The administrative staff (e.g., director, van driver, outreach workers, etc.) are NOT employees of the COA, but of the town. The COA, as an advisory board, typically does not (with very rare exceptions) hire, evaluate and/or terminate any paid staff: that is typically the responsibility of the "appointing authority" e.g., chair of the BOS or the town administrator [or equivalent].   The director, once hired, typically handles all other personnel matters.The board serves typically as extra eyes, ears AND hands with respect to implementing the COA mission.

The feedback ideally goes both ways:   there are professional and political aspects to the organization.
Service delivery pretty much has to fall under the purview of the director unless you want people to have multiple bosses;   we do not recommend that approach.

Since COAs operate at/through senior centers they appear synonymous.   To an outsider the COA "runs" the senior center, but the actual administration is in the hands of the paid staff and volunteers.
The only exception to that rule is when there is no paid staff available to conduct programs.
I've tried to keep this relatively short and have attached some materials that may be of interest.

Emmett H. Schmarsow
Program Manager for Councils on Aging and Senior Centers
Executive Office of Elder Affairs


2016 Fall Board Trainings


9 Principles for Aging Well

Society cannot thrive or even survive without the continuous active participation of all people as they age.
Each of us, both individually and collectively, has a stake in building an environment in which every person has an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of civic life.


Elder Affairs Regional Board Training

Elder Affairs conducts regional board trainings both Spring and Fall each year.
You are cordially invited to attend.

Mass Access — Senior Scene Programs Available

Dear Colleagues,   Elder Affairs has produced numerous shows for cable TV that you can access/request through your local cable TV station.

In order to download a show/s, your local cable TV station will need credentials to log in and download the program(s).
If you yet have no "log in," you may obtain same at:   mymasstv@belmontmedia.org and then log on to the Mass Access server:   http://massaccess.telvue.com/profile/login

For further information, feel free to contact Stephen M. Kessinger, Government Access Coordinator, at 617-965-7200 x135 or stephenmk@newtv.org

    — Courtesy Emmett Schmarsow, Prog. Mgr. COAs & Senior Centers, ELD