Financial Assistance Benefits Screening Tool

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There is an easy to use, free, comprehensive, and confidential web-based benefits screening tool helps older adults find out about important benefits that can significantly improve their household finances and quality of life. A BenefitsCheckUp® screening can be completed through the web site at

The Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging and Senior Center Directors (MCOA) has joined with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to help improve the health and well-being of older Americans with limited income and resources. This exciting, joint effort gives older adults across Massachusetts free access to NCOA’s

Based upon how you answer a set of general questions, the Web-based benefits screening tool identifies what benefits you may qualify for and how to apply for them. Using only your zip code (no names, addresses or other identifiers are used), it will provide you with the local phone numbers and addresses of social programs, make it easy to download applications, and link you directly to other helpful program web sites to learn more about each benefit assistance program.

63% of older adults in Massachusetts (over age 65) are economically insecure – meaning their monthly income is less than their monthly expenses.  Over time, savings are used to make up the gap between monthly income and household expenses.

Some of the most effective ways to postpone spending all of one’s savings is to take move to affordable housing as early in retirement as possible, and then to take advantage of income tax credits for renters and homeowners, real estate tax deferrals for home owners, home heating programs such as weatherization and energy assistance programs, food aid programs like congregate meals at the Senior Center, and health care premium and co-payment assistance programs designed especially for Medicare beneficiaries. There are many more programs that can help reduce household costs which BenefitsCheckUp will consider as it conducts the eligibility screen.

Since 2001, more than three million people have used BenefitsCheckUp® to find programs that help them pay for prescription drugs, health care, meals, housing, utilities, tax relief, and other needs. The online tool includes both public and private benefits programs from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Please conduct a screen for yourself – and please spread the word about You may have friends or family who can benefit from this service, too!