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MCOA Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging and Senior Center Directors is a non-profit membership organization comprised of municipal Councils on Aging. Our mission is to support the independence of adults 60 and older by advocating for programs and services to meet their needs, promote the growth and quality of Councils on Aging and senior centers and strengthen the professional skills of Council on Aging staff.

Statement of Purpose

Established in 1979, the Massachusetts Association of Councils On Aging & Senior Center Directors was formed to:

  • Improve the quality of services provided to older adults of the Commonwealth by the Councils on Aging, Senior Centers, and other social services providers within the Commonwealth.
  • Educate and otherwise improve the skills of the staff of Councils on Aging and Senior Centers of cities and towns of the Commonwealth.
  • Encourage and promote the development of new Senior Centers in the Commonwealth and the expansion of existing ones.
  • To do and perform any and all acts and services that may be incidental or necessary to carry out the above purposes.

MCOA Leadership

MCOA Bylaws

Council on Aging Enabling Legislation

Goals and Objectives

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